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Since 2009, our consultancy has worked with organisations to provide advice and professional development on regulation, governance, risk and compliance as well as providing learning solutions; assessment resource development; and validation services.



RTO Services and Consulting specialises in providing consultation and advisory services to the training and education industry. We specialise in services related to compliance as it relates to national regulation of the vocational education and training sector under the National Vocational Education Training Regulator Act 2011, the VET Quality Framework (inclusive of the Standards for Registered Training Organisation 2015).

While generally, we work across Australia we only provide services for funding programs offered in New South Wales and Queensland.  


The Principal of RTO Services and Consulting, Carol Hunter, holds significant industry experience and qualifications to perform roles across this diverse sector.

Carol holds

- Bachelor of Arts

- Bachelor of Educational Studies

- Graduate Diploma in Teaching

- Graduate Diploma in Agriculture

- Diploma of Quality Auditing

- Diploma of Training Design and Development 

Carol is a

- Registered Teacher (Qld)

- Member of the Australian College of Educators;

- Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders; 

- ISO19011:2018 QMS Lead Auditor (Exemplar Global)

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Discover Our Expertise

Carol Hunter began RTO Services and Consulting in 2009.

Carol brings a unique skill set to her consultancy having worked previously as a regulator, an auditor and a trainer.


Her experience in the VET sector spans over 25 years, from involvement in the development of inaugural VET in Schools programs in Queensland in 1995 to becoming Director, Training Quality and Regulation, (managing the audit, registration, complaints and accreditation for 1500 registered training organisations in Queensland), until 2009.


Carol has also worked in operational and management roles in both public and private RTOs; in policy and curriculum development; and as a secondary school teacher.

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Confidence to meet Regulator and Funder Requirements

We provide a range of services including:

  • simple gap analysis

  • verification (quality assurance)

  • post-administration (quality review)

  • (mandated) validation.

You may like us to lead or participate in your validation to

assist your team.

We can also provide independent validation of your assessments

as required by some funders. 


Providing quality specifications in assessment

We use skilled personnel to write assessments. Our writers are usually ex-auditors who were themselves, trainers. So having been on both sides of the fence, they understand both how to unknit a training package and how to write an assessment that works in practice.

While every assessment needs to be customised to its location, cohort and delivery context, so our assessments do what they need to do. They are not designed to be flashy - they are designed to be effective.  


Adding Value to your Business

"It is better to have trained someone and have them leave than to have not trained them and have them stay."

Investment in training our people is as important as the work we do with and for our students and our clients. At RTO Services and Consulting we are passionate about getting the basics right. We work with you and your team to develop skills and confidence that are important for you - whether that is in the basics of training; communication; auditing; or in other learning areas or in risk and regulatory load.


Compliance Support for your Business

We provide a range of auditing services for training organisations 

(or those wishing to be) registered under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and those operating under funding arrangements in Queensland and New South Wales.

Audits (performance assessment/reviews/third party audits)  provide the organisation with a point in time status of compliance against the relevant standards/contract obligations to assist in their continuous improvement and can be used as

  • strategic or targeted (internal) reviews

  • pre-submission self-evaluations for initial and re-registrations

  • part of the annual declaration risk and surety process.

The advantage of occasionally having an external set of eyes on the organisation brings opportunities for keeping up-to-date with VET learning, knowledge and interpretations.  


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